About Us

jawn: Noun
1. A term used by Philadelphians as an all purpose noun. 2. A thing, an object, a place.
“Pass me that Jawn”, “That Jawn sells cheesesteaks?”

We’re making a truly unique jawn for our communities.

Built by a small group of Philadelphians, the Jawn is a first step toward taking back our home from nationally, not locally, focused websites. After meeting with a number of our initial users, we quickly realized there was an easier way to collect and ensure accurate information - by tapping into the community.

In the coming months, we’ll be diligently working on new features that reward you with perks and/or cash for helping to improve our home by contributing useful local knowledge.

Stay in the loop, add your input, and learn how you can get involved before our launch.

We’re always chatting with our neighbors, get in touch anytime.


Jeremy, John, Marc




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