The Jawn Member Agreement - Terms & Conditions

- This is a legal agreement between the "member" and The Jawn. If you do not agree to all the terms and conditions of this agreement, do not purchase or use this service. Member and The Jawn agree that this entire agreement can be agreed to electronically and written signatures are not needed.

- The term "member" refers to you the user and any company, organization, or family you are representing.

- The Jawn reserves the right to augment, enhance, or modify our service at any time without prior notification.

- It may be necessary to revise this contract at times. If you, the member, do not agree to contractual changes, or do not adhere to the terms of this agreement, The Jawn reserves the right to cancel and/or suspend your service.

- Member shall not use our service for any unlawful purposes. Nor shall member use our service for anything this agreement prohibits.

- Member is prohibited from doing anything that will adversely affect the The Jawn service and/or systems, either intentionally or by accident.

- Member is prohibited from attempting to enter any The Jawn password protected areas and/or any non-public areas of our service.

- Member is prohibited from attempting to gain unauthorized access to or information of any kind from other member sites.

- Member acknowledges that member caution must be used in posting and identifying any personal or confidential information.

- The Jawn reserves the right to disclose any member site information and content to law enforcement authorities.

- Member agrees to conduct all business on a The Jawn website ethically, responsibly, and legally. Accordingly, member will not knowingly transmit any viruses or code capable of interrupting computer service. Member will not impersonate another person or company falsely. Member will not upload or post any information or images they are not authorized to use and share. Members will not transmit unauthorized messages of any kind, or "spam". Member will not sell or link to any sites selling goods and services illegally. Member will not post any third party images without their consent or the consent of a parent in the case of a minor.

- The Jawn is not responsible for transactions of any kind between member and a third party. Member releases The Jawn from all claims, damages, and demands from any third parties.

- Member is completely responsible for member computer and releases The Jawn from any claims, damages, and demands on member computers and equipment. Member is completely responsible for all image uploads and agrees that The Jawn is not responsible for any damage occurring due to uploads.

- The Jawn offers no warranty to member. The Jawn will work to minimize service interruptions and to ensure a high quality service to our members but offers no warranty or refund of any kind.

- This agreement covers both The Jawn and all of its suppliers.

- Member agrees not to resell The Jawn service and website to any third party without prior consent from The Jawn.

- Member agrees not to attempt to replicate or copy any portion of The Jawn software, code, or service.

- Member acknowledges that the terms of this agreement survive beyond termination of service and continue indefinitely.

- The Jawn has selected a third party company to manage its servers for The Jawn websites. While The Jawn will work with this third party to provide reliable service, Member agrees that The Jawn is not responsible for any problems arising from such third party companies as the one hosting our server.

- If any provision of this agreement is deemed invalid the balance of the agreement remains in tact and valid.

- By using this website, creating an account, or any other use of this website, you hereby confirm that you agree to the terms and conditions of The Jawn

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